That’s No Way To Get Along

If the title of this blog entry sounds vaguely familiar, there are a few possibilities: You enjoy country blues music….You own “Beggars Banquet”…You play resonator guitar in open tunings…or maybe all of the above. I was looking at some Rolling Stones chords/lyrics from their previously mentioned 1968 effort and started thinking about their song called “Prodigal Son,” but I couldn’t place the origin. I thought the feel of the song had an older blues vibe to it.

The song was originally written and recorded by country blues artist Robert Wilkins as “That’s No Way To Get Along”, which is lyrically referenced by The Stones.

Wilkins later re-recorded the gospel themed story as “Prodigal Son” as well. Versions I found on YouTube are about ten minutes long. I also stumbled across this version of the original tune by a musician named Sarah Rogo.

I was pleasantly surprised to see/hear this song is still alive and well. I also like the idea of sitting on the bass drum while you play it. Eric Clapton has also recorded this tune as well, but his take on it is a little less roots and a little more studio production. I never really liked the whole story of the “Prodigal Son”, but the song is a good one.

Till next time, keep your Mojo on the Horizon!

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