Today, the Seventies have been on my mind. For those of us who lived through that post-groovy decade, I have a few random memories and things I miss about it. (Obviously, some of Paul McCartney’s solo music makes the list.) I mean you had your bean bag chairs and bell bottom jeans, but those aren’t at the top of my list.

First, I miss Fotomat. (It was a little drive-thru booth where you could drop off your non-digital photos to be developed.) As a kid, I was fascinated by how small the place was and thought would be super cool to work in one. Ironically, I think the first camera I ever owned was called “The Button” by Polaroid — it was so “advanced” that it spewed out and developed its own photos in a matter of seconds. No need for Fotomat. In honor of how “hi tech” that was, I’m including this link to the Paul McCartney song “Hi Hi Hi.”

I can remember a crush-worthy girl in my junior high class said she “thought it was cute how Paul and Linda always got busted for drugs together.” I guess that tune is appropriate then. I also associate a scene from a TV sitcom called “Hello, Larry” with post-Beatles Paul McCartney. Larry was a disc jockey (played by McLean Stevenson). In an episode, one of Larry’s daughters said something like, “Hey, Dad…did you know Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?”. All I can say is, “Smile Away.”

I really enjoy the electric guitar and backing vocals in both of these songs as well as “Helen Wheels.”

Why “Helen Wheels”, you might ask? Well, another random thing I miss about the 70s is one I’m having a hard time finding. I think they were called Snow Cone-mobiles or something like that. If memory serves me correctly, they were little three wheeled trucks that carried the sweet, sugary remedy for a hot day in the back. They were sort of like a tricycle on steroids. So, basically, I’d like to drive one of those through the Fotomat drive thru while blasting all three of these songs. Grape Snow Cones are my favorite!

Till next time, keep your Mojo on the Horizon!

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