Gladys Knight Feels Alright

I can’t tell you exactly where or when I first heard the song “Feelin’ Alright”, but it was probably on a rock station in St. Louis, MO. Recently, I stumbled across this version by Gladys Knight, which has some killer lead vocals.

I would guess I was exposed to the Joe Cocker version first, but it was written by Traffic’s Dave Mason for the band’s self-titled debut.

Lyrically, this song strikes me as a stream-of-consciousness thing so it’s appropriate I don’t know where or when I first heard it. It just has that kind of feel or vibe to it. It’s been recorded by at least sixty different bands and musicians. That’s the beauty of a song like this one — you can pick the version which suits your taste. I enjoy this one by Rare Earth.

If there isn’t enough guitar in the Rare Earth version for you, check out this live cut by Badfinger.

Which other version would you like to explore? Grand Funk Railroad, Lulu, Jr. Walker & The All Stars, Lou Rawls, David Ruffin. I even found a live version by The Jackson 5 and one by Isaac Hayes. Even Dave Mason re-released the track at some point.

Till next time, keep your Mojo on the Horizon!

2 thoughts on “Gladys Knight Feels Alright

  1. The Joe Cocker version is the one I heard first I believe…It’s a feel-good song…I really like the Badfinger version…OF COURSE… they were trying to change their image to a more of a jam band.

    Gladys did a great version.


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