Stones Dream: A Tale of Two Ronnies

At the risk of starting my own personal blog overkill, I had a bizarre dream last night which is still fresh in my mind. The gist of the dream is this….Somehow or another The Rolling Stones ended up playing in Baldwin City, Kansas. This is the home of my college alma mater. It’s almost like the band knew someone on campus and were just hanging around jamming. I ended up in a jam or a practice with them. I honestly don’t know if I was playing an instrument. For the record, this was some kind of 70s lineup of the Stones, but I think Mick Taylor and Ronnie Wood were both there along with Bill Wyman on bass. Mick Jagger and Keef were there as you might expect. I’m not sure about Charlie Watts, but someone was keeping the beat.

There are two specific songs which popped up in this dream, but neither of them are Stones originals. The first one is a fairly obscure Jimmy Reed tune called “Mr. Luck”.

I think I was trying to work up the nerve to ask Keith Richards if we could play it in the key of “F” instead of “G” for some reason.

As the dream continued, the Stones practice migrated from a practice hall on a hill and morphed into a gig in a meadow. At this point, the band opened with an odd choice: “What’s Your Name” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Maybe Mick Jagger was thinking small town Kansas residents only listen to Skynyrd? I don’t think Mick was really on his game with this song selection for the band, but that was the dream.

It’s strange how dreams mash up people, places, and things. Maybe the Stones can play next year’s Maple Leaf Festival? That’s the only logical conclusion I draw from this one.

Till next time, keep your Mojo on the Horizon!


4 thoughts on “Stones Dream: A Tale of Two Ronnies

  1. I wish I had those dreams! Hmmm you know what…it wouldn’t exactly be out of place for them to do that…I would love to hear it. Did you hear about the Stones new album coming up? McCartney is playing bass on one of the songs.
    I only had a couple of rock dreams…one I was in a studio during the White Album which was cool…and another which I met Keith Moon in a parking lot.

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