Like a Rolling Spirit

I ran across a list of close to 200 different recording artists who have tackled the well-known Bob Dylan song “Like a Rolling Stone.” There are enough unique versions to do a week’s worth of blog entries on it, but the one that really grabbed my attention was the band Spirit.

How would you describe this version? The words which pop into my mind are “trippy” and “ethereal”. Talk about making a song your own! Wow. I wonder what Bob Dylan would think of it?

I’m no expert on the band Spirit, but here are a few things which pop to mind. They had a hit with the song “I Got a Line on You” and also recorded the eco-friendly tune “Nature’s Way” as well. Another important aspect of Spirit’s Dylan cover is the unique voice of Randy California.

His real name is Randy Wolfe. I didn’t know this until today, but the name “Randy California” was actually given to him by Jimi Hendrix when they played together in Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. (Hendrix was Jimmy James. Thanks, Wikipedia! )

I wonder what sort of effects were used on this particular recording? I thought I could hear a rotating Leslie speaker effect on the vocals, but I could be wrong. The studio version is from the “Spirit of ’76” album, which also includes some additional cover songs.

It’s interesting to think about the Hendrix-Randy California-Bob Dylan circles of influence. Hendrix was a big Dylan fan and even recorded his take on “Like a Rolling Stone” as well.

Till next time, keep your Mojo on the Horizon!


5 thoughts on “Like a Rolling Spirit

  1. He takes the bite out of it…but that is not a bad thing in this case…ethereal is the word to use. When I think of Spirit now I think of their song Taurus because of the Stairway To Heaven connection.


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